Job ideas to help during the Coronavirus

There is no doubt that the coronavirus is going to change the way we work, rest & play and it has certainly changed my life overnight.

There I was having the time of my life in Vietnam, enjoying everything that Vietnam has to offer and planned a holiday to Bali with my mum, sister and son in January and we all travelled to the beautiful Islands from our homes, in Vietnam and UK.  I went to Gili Island for 3 days before, which was truly amazing, it was there that the news started coming out that a Virus had hit China, this was around 18th January. My sister and Mum travelled from the United Kingdom and arrived on 22nd as soon as they arrived the news was on every TV Channel, it was all we talked about, especially as we were in a hotel packed full of Chinese.

We wore masks (I did daily) and washed our hands constantly, we even sat as far away from anyone who we thought “had a sniffle, or cough” to say that we were OCD was an understatement.  However, as most of the time, we were in the pool and outside and the Chinese don’t like the sun, they stayed away from us too.  I can say this, because even my son’s girlfriend, who is Vietnamese, hates the sun, but being British, we were outside until at least 3pm each day, when she would come down, for a dip in the late afternoon shaded pool. 

So after arriving back in Vietnam, I developed a pain in my leg which got worse and I ended up having to go to the hospital.  I saw first hand that Vietnam was having none of it, taking my temperature before I could even enter the hospital, Vietnam went on defense and shut the schools down as soon as I returned, so, I had 2 weeks off.  So I decided that I would travel home and double-check it wasn’t anything serious, and see the family (I had been on 4 planes in 3 weeks) I  planned to return after the 2 weeks break.

On 24th February, flights were cancelled into Vietnam and I was stranded, in the UK.  Do not get me wrong, I loved seeing my family, but It wasn’t in my plans to stay longer than 2 weeks.  So here I am in the UK, 6 weeks later, my work and life are in Vietnam and I am in the UK. People are losing their jobs everywhere, so getting a job here is almost, no, it is impossible, But I need income!

As I’ve been stuck indoors in the UK for nearly 6 weeks (plus 2 weeks in Vietnam ) I needed to start to look at some opportunities for online work.

I’m also looking at adding online courses to my website in the next few days, but in the meantime, I  started to search and found hundreds of online jobs that you can apply to teach English. Some of them require TEFL & degree, some don’t. Some are highly paid, some are just OK paid, it all depends on your experience.

Here is the list as of April 2020.

Gogokid is looking for Canadian and American teachers to teach Chinese kids (mostly aged 4 -12). Their classes are 1 to 1 and 25 minutes long. Teachers must have a bachelor’s degree and teaching experience is preferred. Peak teaching times are from 12am – 9am EST and 9pm – 11:30pm EST. You are only required to teach a minimum of one class per week. Gogokid pays $14 – $25 USD per hour based on qualifications, attendance and your performance. They offer bonuses for good results and they are currently offering a $300 bonus for new teachers who teach 3 classes in their first month. This is a new company so we need some reviews

Neska is a South African company that is hiring all nationalities of online English teachers to teach adults. Teachers must have a teaching certificate or a degree. Teaching materials are provided and students are assigned to you by the company. They pay $8 per 45 mins class.

Vnaya is an American company (with links to India). They provide 1 on 1 online classes to K-12 students in North America and in the Oceania region in English, Maths and Science. I am not sure how much they pay yet, but it varies from location to location.

DaDa ABC  is hiring again as of October 2019. They teach Chinese children between the ages of 4 to 16 in one to one classes. They want teachers willing to work a minimum of 3 hours per week and up to 20 hours per week. The company provides all the material and most teachers average 15 hours per week. Previous teaching experience with kids is not necessary but preferred, however, an ESL certificate and a bachelors degree are now necessary requirements. They have classes from 7pm – 8:30pm (Beijing time) Monday to Friday and more on the weekends. DadaABC pays around $20 USD per hour but you can earn up to $25 or as little as $15 depending on your bonuses. They offer a base salary of $370 at the start when you don’t have many classes. To apply you will need a copy of your passport or other ID, a CV with a photo and contact details and copies of your certification.

Education First (English Live English Town English First) is a large company that has been around since 1965. According to the website they are looking for native speakers in the US or abroad with a bachelors degree and TEFL certificate. Their students are both adults and kids in China. The kids attend English classes in one of EF Kids & Teens English Centers. Teachers must open long term availability, as students will be taught by the same teachers every week. Peak slots in Chinese time are for classes starting between 5pm and 8:30pm on weekdays and on weekends from 9am to 8:30pm. Education First salary: The pay structure varies depending on if you are teaching adults or kids and where you are located, but teachers who teach children can earn up to $20 USD per hour.

Zebra English is another new Chinese company with 450,000 students. It looks like they hire non-native teachers but all teachers must have a bachelors degree, a TEFL certificate and experiences teaching K-12. Each class is 30 minutes, you set your schedule and Zebra fills it. So students don’t choose their teacher which is different from some of the other Chinese companies. Peak hours are 6pm – 10pm weekdays and 9am – 10pm on weekends. They pay $16 – $24 USD per hour depending on the incentives teachers achieve.

Ringle is a South Korean company that has over 1000 teachers. They want native speakers who have a university degree from a top school in the US or UK. No Canadians apparently. Classes are either 40 mins discussion or 55 mins interviews. There is also some editing and proofreading tasks. There are no minimum or maximum working hours, they provide the lesson material and they pay once a week or once a month with Paypal. It looks like wages start at $15 USD per hour but can increase up to $25.

ALO7  tutors English to kids and prefers native English speaking tutors. Pay ranges between $15 to $22 an hour. ALO7’s student base comes from large educational institutions in China. Alo7 is a start up by PhD graduate from MIT Media Lab.

UASK Education is a Canadian company based in Ottawa that teaches Chinese students. They are looking for English and French teachers with a university degree, a TEFL certificate and one year of teaching experience. UASK provides all the teaching material and classes are small from 1 – 5 students who are young usually between the ages of 4-18. Full-time positions are available. They pay from $18 – $30 CAD per hour. You can send your CV to

Class100 teaches large classes (30-40 students) of Chinese kids aged 6-18 in public schools. It looks like teachers must sign a 6 month contract and work with another teacher to give classes. They are looking for native-speaking teachers from the USA, Canada and the UK. Classes take place in the early night time for teachers in the Americas. Teachers are required to have a bachelors degree and one year of teaching experience. Teachers get a base pay of $6-9 per class with chances for bonuses ($1 for attendance, $1 for preparation plus others). I am not sure how long their classes are, but they appear to be less than an hour.

BlingABC is looking for native speakers with a bachelors degree, a TEFL/TESL certificate and one year of teaching experience. They teach groups of 3 to 15 Chinese children and all material is provided. They pay between $21-$27 USD per hour (depending on how many students are in the class) and they pay once a month. You can also email

ABC360 is a new company that is currently hiring. They want full-time teachers to work sometime between 4 -10 am Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Sunday. They primarily want Filipino teachers. Email your resume and a photo to ABC360 pays about $2 – $3 USD per hour.

Lyngo is another company with Japanese students. They are looking for native level English speaker and Japanese speakers to teach English. No certificate or experience is required (they would be beneficial though). All teaching material is provided and their teaching times are from 5:00am to 1:30am Japanese Standard Time. They are really looking for teachers available from 8:00pm to midnight and weekends. You can work from 6 to 40 hours per week. Lyngo pays 1,100 Yen to 1,300 Yen ($10 – $12 USD) per hour, depending on the type of class and incentives. They pay through Paypal.

Seer English is a Canadian company that teaches Chinese students. They are looking for teachers with a North American accent, a bachelor’s degree or a TEFL certificate. Teachers must set their schedule for 10 months at a time. Scheduling is flexible. Peak hours are (EST) Mondays to Thursdays: 6:00 am – 11:00 am, Fridays: 6:00 am – 10:00 am and 19:00 pm- 24:00 pm, Saturdays: 2:00 am – 10:00 am and 19:00 pm – 24:00 pm and Sundays: 2:00 am – 10:00 am. They pay up to $25 CAD per 50 minute class, by Paypal every two weeks.

1-StopEdu (1-StopAsia1-StopEdu and 1-StopGlobalis an online English learning academy servicing Korean child and adult students domestic and abroad.  They are looking for teachers with a degree and they must be in either the US/Canada or the UK. They have Skype-based 1on1 courses that allow both the student and teacher to find a unique learning style that works for them. Their students tend to enroll for longer durations than other typical online learning companies, so expect to build rapport and a unique style for each class. If you are ready to meet your students then send CV and cover letter to:

NeuABC  is a Chinese company looking for experienced American teachers, who are native speakers of English. A Bachelor’s degree is required a TESOL certificate is not required but preferred. They want teachers to commit to at least 4 hours per week (early mornings Monday to Sunday and evenings on Friday and Saturday). Experience teaching ESL/EFL to children, in the classroom or online, ages 5–12 is a huge asset. Classes are 1-1 and 25 minutes long. $9.00 USD per lesson or $18.00 per hour, the payment is twice a month via check in the mail.

First Future currently hiring native and non-native English speaking teachers who speak at a native level. I believe they teach both adults and children. A bachelor’s degree (in any discipline) is required, they want teachers who have one year of experience and/or a TEFL certificate. Non-natives must have passed the IELTS or TOEFL exam. The recruitment process is a 15 minute interview and a 30 minutes mock class, there is no training required. They offer a fixed schedule with 100% booking rate so you are guaranteed to be paid for that time.  They pay non-natives less per hour but it could be as much as $12 USD and native English speakers could earn $15 – $20 with bonuses. You can apply by email: (Please tell them that you heard about the job on

Fluency Tutors is an online ESL teacher recruitment and training company based in Vancouver, Canada. Currently (May, 2019), they are hiring Canadian TESOL certified teachers to deliver online CELPIP test prep lessons. You must be native English-speaking, Canadian, TESOL/CELTA certified and have 6-12 months experience. Teachers can register with FT and build unique profiles on their website. Fluency Tutors partners with ESL schools in China, Russia and the USA.  They negotiate to decide how much teachers will be paid.

Better English is a Chinese school that has many physical schools and are now expanding online. They are currently looking for 100 online teachers (as of April 2019). They teach kids aged 3-16 in group classes of 4 students, they provide the lesson material. They are looking for native speakers (from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) with a TEFL/CELTA certificate university degree and one year of experience teaching children. A university degree is not necessary but preferred. Peak times are Monday – Friday from 5:30pm – 9:30pm and weekends 8:30am – 9:30pm (Beijing time). The pay starts at $16 USD per hour, but it can increase to $38 if you teach 800 students per month and have a complaint rate below 3%.

EnglishTutorOnline (ETO) hires native speaking English teachers from Canada or the USA  (teachers can be living in the USA, Canada, Asia, Central or South America) with a university degree and one year of teaching experience. Teachers must be available for one of two peak times mornings or afternoons or evenings ideally until 11:00pm or 1:00am EST.  They teach one to one classes to adults and children. No preparation time is required, but teachers must be reliable and commit to at least a one year contract. ETO pays $16 USD per hour.

Accent Advisor is an American company that specializes in teaching the American accent. The students are adult expats that live in the US, are fluent in English and want to reduce their foreign accent. Teachers must have a North American accent and have two years of teaching experience. A university degree and TEFL certificate are not required but are considered an advantage. Teachers set their own schedule from 15 – 40 hours a week (from 7am – midnight EST) and the classes are fixed on your schedule. Accent Advisor pays $15 USD per hour and they increase the pay rate by $1 per hour every 500 teaching hours, until it reaches $20 per hour. Teachers get fully paid for student no-shows and for classes that were cancelled with less than 2 hours notice. Unlike most other schools, there are no payment penalties for being late, taking time off, last minute cancellations, technical difficulties, etc. They trust teachers to provide the best service possible.

Tom ABC  is a new Chinese company that is looking for North American native English speaking teachers to teach 3 – 6 years old Chinese children. Teacher must have a university education or by a university student. A TEFL certificate is not required. They provide all the teaching materials and offer flexible scheduling. Tom ABC pays $7 – $9 USD per 20 minute class.  

UUABC is a new company in China. They teach Chinese children between the ages of 5-16. They are looking for native speakers (but apparently not South Africans for some reason). Minimum requirement is 4 hours per week during peak Beijing time (weekdays 7am-9pm and weekends 5pm-9pm). Classes are 30 minutes long. They pay between $15 and $26 USD per hour depending on experience and on how you do in the trial lesson, the also offer some bonuses for being on time and for attendance. The website is in Chinese but you can email:

Rorixwell / Preacher English <—- (Click here to Apply) is a new Canadian company, they only have 50 teachers as of March 2019, but they are constantly hiring new teachers. They want native speakers with a TEFL/CELTA certificate and 3 years of teaching experience. Their students are Chinese students from 5 to 15 years old studying English in the public schools or training institutes. Teaching hours are from 6:00am – 10:00am EST, Monday to Sunday. They pay $18 – $25 CAD per hour.

Waijiaoyi is looking for native and non-native English speaking teachers to teach groups of 8-30 students of 5-16 years olds. They want teachers with experience and a university degree or an ESL certificate. They provide all teaching materials. Classes are 25 or 50 minutes long and classes take place between 1pm-6pm (Beijing time) weekdays and 8am-6pm weekends. They pay $18-20$ USD per hour once a month and they offer incentives. After a teacher has taught 500 hours they get a $1 an hour increase.

Speexx <—- (Click here to Apply) is based in Germany and they are looking for native speaking teachers (or non-native teachers with a C2 level) with experience teach online business English. Their students are mostly business professionals looking to improve all aspects of their English, meaning they have many activities that focus on writing. (They also teach other languages). They pay €10 per 30 mins class as well as €2.15 for written corrections with their writing activities. Training is also paid and teachers should be able to devote around 20 hours per week to the company.

Classtalk Education <—- (Click here to Apply) is based in Shenzen and they are looking for native speaking teachers with experience to teach ESL, math and science to K-12 classes taught from 8:00am to 6:00pm Beijing time. There are also PowerPoint lesson planning opportunities that pay $35 per lesson plan that you create. Classtalk pays $25 to $30 per 40 mins class.

BestTeacher <—- (Click here to Apply) is a Chinese recruitment company and they are looking for native and non-native speaking teachers to teach Chinese kids aged 4-16. A degree, TEFL certificate and experience are not required to work with them. Working hours are Monday to Friday 6pm – 9pm and Saturday to Sunday 9am – 10pm Beijing time and you must work at least 2 days per week for 2 hours. IBestTeacher pays $14 – $26 USD per hour depending on qualifications.

Whales English (Chinese name is RouChi English) they used to be called Sprout 4 Future. They teach kids in China and the parents pick the teachers for their kids. They only want native speakers from North America or the UK with at least 1 year of experience teaching kids and a university degree. Their classes are made up of groups of 3-5 children from ages 5-15. Teachers have the option to teach other subjects in English such as science, history, literature, writing, etc. They also teach Spanish and French. Teachers must be available during peak hours. The pay is between $18-30 USD per 50 mins class and performance bonuses are available.

CCClass Online <—- (Click here to Apply) is a Filipino company looking for teachers with a bachelors degree, experience is preferred but not necessary. They are owned by the company Hujiang. They want teachers to commit to working 20 hours per week and peak times are from 6pm – 11pm and 8am – 12pm all week. They pay $2 -$4 USD per hour.

Yeko <—- Click here to Apply (Chinese linkis a new Chinese company who are looking for non-native (with a neutral accent) and native English speaking teachers. A bachelors degree is not necessary and neither is a TEFL certificate or teaching experience but they are preferred. Yeko supplies all the teaching material. Scheduling is flexible and teachers are paid for no-shows. They teach adults in one to one classes and children in group classes for 20 – 25 minutes. They pay between $10 – $15 USD per hour (I think they pay $12 per hour for one-to-one classes but I have not confirmed this). They pay with Paypal. They want teachers to commit to 20 hours per week and teaching hours are every day from 9:00am – 8:00pm Beijing time.

eHailuo (eHello, eHailo) is based in the Nanjing province. Non-native English speaking teachers can apply! They teach 1 to 1 classes to children and they pay $10 – $15 per hour. They use a lot of role playing activities as part of their teaching method. The website is a bit hard to navigate but you can email:

IQBar is the newest company in the UK. They are looking for native speakers who have at least 1 year of teaching experience with children. (It looks like they are really interested in getting students from UK universities.) As of January 2019, they want teachers to have a TEFL certificate too. They offer a flexible schedule and teachers can work full or part time. They want teachers to have an internet download speed of 20 mbps or more. IQBar pays between $12 to $18 per hour plus bonuses. Apparently some of their bonuses include discounted gym memberships, public transportation fare, mobile plans, phone insurance and Apple discounts.

Teach Part-Time is a new company based in Toronto, Canada. They only want native speaking teachers from Canada, USA or the UK with a bachelors degree to teach kids aged 5-12. Teachers can earn $14-$25 USD per hour and most teachers work around 20 hours per week. They pay bi-weekly or monthly depending on the contract.

Haowj is based in Beijing and they teach 1 to 1 or group class to Chinese students of all ages but mostly adults. Classes are either 25, 30 or 45 minutes. They are not a school as much as they are a company that provides English teachers to other schools, so teachers do have to have some of their own material. They want teachers to commit to 15 classes per month, they also want teachers with a bachelors degree a TESL certificate is not required. The interview process is straightforward and non-natives are welcome to apply although it appears that they get paid less ($10 -$14)  than native speakers. Base pay is $15 USD per hour but there are chances for bonuses (good student reviews) so it is possible to make $21 USD per hour. They pay with Paypal. You can email your CV to

USKid teaches Chinese children 1 to 1. They want native English speaking teachers with a university degree and experience to commit to a minimum of 5 hours per week (ESL certificate is not necessary). They pay between $17 and $28 USD per hour with incentives.

Simple Intern (<—Click here to apply) is another Chinese company that teaches kids (although their website says they are based in North Carolina). Teachers must have a native level of fluency, a university degree and teaching experience is not required (but preferred). Teachers can choose as many hours as they want to work from Monday to Sunday: 6:30am-11:30am & 6:30pm-11:30pm, Beijing Time. Simple Intern pays a starting wage of $15 per hour but you can earn as much as $22 per hour.

Tutorfair is based in London and they teach English, Spanish, German, French, Latin, math and science. They are currently looking for online English teachers. It is a create-a-profile type company so teachers can set their own hourly rate.

KK Talkee is another Chinese company that teaches Chinese children. They give 1 to 1 lessons and the classes are either 25 minutes or 50 minutes long. Students try out teachers during a demo class and then they can decide whether or not to book regularly with them. They want teachers who are available between 6-9pm Beijing time. I have read that non-native speakers are welcome to apply if they have a native level. A university degree, ESL certificate and teaching experience are not necessary but beneficial. The base pay is $16-$20 USD per hour, but they offer bonuses for attendance and performance.

31ABC is another company based in China. They teach Chinese children from ages 4-12 and class sizes are small from 1 to 3 students. They offer a fixed schedule as you will have the same class 3 times per week. Teachers must be native speakers (they prefer the North American accent) and BA degree/TESL certificate is not necessary but preferred. They really want teachers with a lot of experience. Peak teaching time is from 6pm – 10pm Beijing time and they require at least 9 hours per week. 31ABC pays a base rate of $20 USD per hour but they offer bonuses for performance and for teaching a lot of classes. They pay by bank transfer or Paypal. You can email your CV to

51Talk is another company from China and they teach kids and adults with their own material. According to a commenter here pay depends on experience, education and possibly nationality. South Africans can apply! An American teacher can earn up to $11 per 25 mins class.

V2US (website is down) is a new Chinese company and they are looking for teachers. They appear to be a type of create-a-profile company as they allow teachers to set their own wage and hours. Teachers can use their own material or the ones provided by the platform. The students are of all ages. Teachers must have a bachelors degree and an ESL teaching certificate. Teaching experience is not necessary but an obvious benefit. Non-natives are welcome as well but that may be seen as a negative trait to some Chinese students. Their email is

TutorEye is based in the USA and they are looking for English teachers as well as specific science and math teachers. They teach one to one classes. Not much else is known about this company.

Rarejob is based in the Philippines and they are looking mostly for Filipino teachers to teach English to Japanese students. It looks like they have a good reputation according to what I have heard from the Filipino teachers. They offer a flexible schedule as well. The pay is around $3-5 per hour.

QQ English looks like it is based in the Philippines, but they teach students in the Philippines, Japan, China Russia, Iran, Brazil and Korea. They offer both individual and group classes at all hours of the day. Teachers must have TESOL certificate. In fact not much else is known about this company yet.

Lime English is a new company based in China. They are looking for English teachers and are focused on improving students reading and writing skills in particular. The students are mostly children from 5-12 years old. Peak teaching times are from 7pm – 9:30pm Beijing time. They offer flexible scheduling and pay $16 – $25 USD per hour with bonuses. They want native speakers with a BA degree and K12 teaching experience (a TESL certificate is preferred but not necessary).

Top Online Teachers is connected to and it looks like they used to be 51FreeTalk (not the same as 51talk!) but that website is now down. They are looking for native speakers or freelance foreign students (aged 22-45) to be teachers to Chinese children (aged 6-18) during peak Beijing times (4pm-10pm, Monday – Sunday). They pay $12-15 USD per hour. Skype: qiumei_tong, email: and (We have heard recently that this company is ageist! They may not hire you if you are older than 45.)

Micro Language (link to teacher sign up webpage) is a Chinese company that is hiring (as of September 2018) part-time English consultants. They teach groups and 1 to 1 classes with all types of students but mainly kids aged 4-18.  Each class is 25 or 50 minutes long and they provide the material. They want teachers from Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA, New Zealand and Europe. Teachers must have one year of teaching experience, a university degree or a TESL certificate is not necessary but preferred. Peak time is Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 11:30am and 2:00pm – 4:00pm and on Saturday & Sunday from 9:00am – 9:00pm. They pay $18 – $22 USD per hour depending on experience.

Teach Away is a large recruitment company based in Toronto but they are now hiring teachers themselves. They are looking for 250 teachers to teach K-12 students in China. They hire everyone, non-native speakers too, with a bachelors degree. An ESL certificate is not necessary nor is experience but they are beneficial. Applicants need to create a Teach Away profile and go through a two-step interview process and can be teaching in a couple weeks. Training and materials are provided by the company. Peak teaching times are everyday from 7:30am – 9:30am EST and 8:30pm – 5:30am EST, a good job for night-owls. They say the pay is competitive but it depends on experience and qualifications.

Topic-Time is a small American Skype company with Japanese students.  You do not need to know Japanese culture but it is a plus.  Good typing skills are also a plus. They pay $12USD per 55 minutes lesson. You choose your own schedule. The students choose the teachers. They have their own curriculum and specialize in “The Scarlett Method”. They provide training.  They would like to find teachers that care about people and fostering excellent learning environments so they are very selective about who they hire.

Learnship is based in Germany. They teach 1 to 1 and group classes. They specialize in business English, but they also teach many other languages. They pay around €17 per hour.

Magic Ears is in Beijing and they teach children aged 5-12. Their classes can have up to 4 students. They want native speakers from Canada or the USA with an ESL certificate or teaching experience (although these last two qualifications are not always required). Teaching material is provided by the company and the hours are weekdays: 6:30pm-9pm, weekends and holidays: 10am-11:30am & 6:30pm-9pm (Beijing Time). Booking rate depends on how good the teacher is or if the student likes the teacher. They pay a base rate of $9 per 30 mins class with incentives for being on time and having 60 mins time slots open per month. So you can earn up to $22 or possibly even $26 USD per hour

Qkids <—- (click here to apply) is looking for American or Canadian teachers to teach children in China. (They used to be called 97Kid/Funbulous/JiuQu). Teachers must have a bachelors degree or be a university student studying for one. Teachers will teach 30 minute classes of up to 4 Chinese children aged 5 -12. Peak teaching times in China are weekdays from 6:40pm – 9:10pm and Friday and Saturday from 8:40pm – 11:50pm. They pay between $16-20 USD per hour. .

VIPKid is a large Chinese company that looks very promising. They have over 30,000 teachers. They exclusively teach children and teachers need to engage the children with toys and props. They want teachers from North America who have a degree. Scheduling is very flexible and there is no minimum amount of hours required to teach. Peak working hours are early mornings and weekend evenings in North American time zones. VIPKid pays between $14 -$22 per hour but your final salary depends on bonuses and incentives. You can earn $1 for every class you are on time for and $1 for every class if you have 45 mins time slots per month open on your schedule.

SayABC is a new online education company in China for group lessons as a part of VIPKID. Teachers teach groups of children (4 students aged 5-12) during a 3 month course. Their curriculum was partly developed by National Geographic. They want native speaking teachers with a bachelors degree and an ESL certificate although they are a bit flexible, they prefer US accents. Teaching experience is preferred but not required. All the classes are from 6pm-9pm Chinese Standard Time (GMT +8) Monday to Saturday. Each class is 40 minutes and you can work as little as you want or a maximum of 24 classes per week. They pay up to $28 USD per hour (with bonuses) for a 40 minute class.

Landi is connected to ABC360 but they are hiring now. They teach Chinese children. The want native speakers including South Africans and pay between $12 and $25 USD per hour.

Cambly is based in San Francisco. It looks like they target Arab and Korean students. They are looking for native speakers. They have a system where students choose their classes and trainers at the time they want. Cambly pays $0.17 cents per minute or $10.20 USD per hour.

Hujiang is one of the largest ESL companies in China. They are looking for experienced native speaking teachers (including South Africans) who are able to teach at specific times in Beijing to a wide variety of students (not just children). They want teachers with experience teaching young learners and a TESL certificate or a university degree. The starting pay is $16-$20USD per hour and there are bonuses. The website is in Chinese but you can send your CV to

Palfish is an app and a create-a-profile type company but they have recently launched a course for children. In the create-a-profile version teachers set their own rate, typically between $10-$20 USD per hour and non-native teachers are welcome to set up a profile. For the children’s course they are looking for native speakers who have a ESL certificate and experience teaching children. They also want teachers to commit to at least 10 hours per week between 6pm-9pm Beijing time. (It looks like South Africans are welcome to apply but that they prefer other native speakers for some reason.) The base rate is 50 RMB ($8USD) per 25 minute class, but they offer some bonuses and incentives like 5 RMB for every lesson the teacher attends on time. They also offer a bonus if you teach over 150 classes per month you get 60 RMB per lesson or 210 classes you get 65 RMB per lesson and you can earn another of 200 RMB if you can get your student to purchase a lesson package after your trial lesson.

SinceWin is another Chinese company that specializes in teaching children aged 3-13 (most students are aged 3-6). They say they want native speakers but at the same time they say all their teachers are in an office in Quezon city in the Philippines. Weird. It could be an option for teachers in the Philippines. They also want teachers to have at least one year of online teaching experience and an ESL certificate is preferred. We don’t know much else about this company and we would love to hear from someone who knows more about it.

TutorABC (iTutorGroup) is based in Taiwan. They offer individual and group classes. They have a rating system and a teacher can be penalized for having a bad rating. You must teach 15 sessions per week of 45 minutes or more. The pay usually starts at around $8 -$9 per 45 minutes but it depends on your location, some people are not paid as much because they live in other countries. South Africans have reported that they get paid  40 ZAR ($3 USD) per hour with a chance with bonuses to make 186 ZAR per hour, but the bonuses are extremely hard to get.

Nicekid teaches Chinese children and teenagers from kindergarten to grade 12 via video class. They prefer native English speaking teachers (South Africans!) with an ESL certificate but they will consider non-native teachers as well. Peak time is 6:50pm – 9:10pm Beijing time. They pay up to $28 USD per hour with bonuses with Paypal.  You can send your resume/CV with photo, Skype ID and current location to

PK Fish (Wuhao) is another new company in China that teaches kids aged 4-12. They want Canadians and Americans with a university degree (or in your last year of university) to teach classes of 1-4 people. The hours of work are from 5:00am to 8:10am (Chicago time). They pay $15-$17 USD per 40 minute class by direct deposit. It appears they are still getting ready to launch but they are building up a roster of teachers, so it is possible that there is no work there yet. Send your resume to

FastSchool is another company that teaches children, teachers must be available from 7-9pm Beijing time. It is not necessary to be a native speaker but you must have a bachelors degree. They apparently pay at least 40$ an hour, which seems to good to be true. We need some comments from people that work here, \

Likeshuo is affiliated with Meten and based in Shenzhen, and they teach Chinese children aged 5-17 and adults as well. They want native speaking teachers to commit to 20 hours per week. They pay $16-$26 USD per 45 minute class with children and teenagers and apparently $10-$18 USD per class for adults depending on bonuses.

Panda ABC / Teach Future looks like Teach Future is a recruitment company for Panda ABC. They do hire non-native English teachers though. They teach 25-minute classes to groups of 4 students and require teachers to work at least 7.5 hours per week during peak time in Beijing. (Peak hours being Monday to Sunday 6-10pm and weekends 9-11am) They want teachers with a bachelors degree, a TEFL/TESL certificate and one year of teaching experience. They pay $20-25 USD per hour

TwoSigmas is based in the UK and teach Chinese children 1 to 1. They are looking for native speakers from Canada, the UK, New Zealand, the USA and Australia.  They pay up to $30 USD an hour plus bonuses.

Acadsoc teaches mostly Chinese students and it looks like most of their teachers are from the Philippines. They would like teachers with a BA and a TESL/CELTA certificate. They offer a base rate salary with bonuses but I think the salary is low.

HelloKid is a Chinese company and it apparently has a lot of students. They employ natives and non natives and they are paid the same $15 base rate per hour.  They typically teach 30 minute classes Monday – Friday from 6-9pm (Beijing Time) and 3-9pm on weekends.

I know some of these companies but not all, and none of them I have worked with, for or partnered with me in any way, but I hope you find it useful and if you are looking for some extra work, why not send your CV to them, who knows where this disaster could take you, maybe a new career!

Good luck and stay safe!

Written and adapted by Debra Mann – TEFL Freedom April 2020

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